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Integrated Communications Platform

  • Voice services
  • Data networking
  • Applications
  • Remote administration and multisite management
The InstantOffice™ system is a robust, modular Integrated Communications Platform for enterprise branch offices, stores, and small to medium-sized businesses with up to 192 employees. Designed for ease of use and remote manageability, this cost-effective single system offers complete voice, data networking, and applications solutions to simplify business communications. The comprehensive InstantOffice system can be tailored to your exact business needs and budget, to help your business provide exceptional customer service, increase revenues, and improve operational efficiencies.

Corporate-level features and functionality
Smaller sites don't have an extensive budget or resources to implement business-transforming communications, although they stand to profit the most from technology upgrades. The InstantOffice system is the fastest route to the tools every office needs in today's competitive market: Internet access, high-speed computer networks, voice messaging, automated attendant features, call management—even call center functionality. With the integrated InstantOffice solution, even smaller offices can afford an advanced communications infrastructure and applications that enable them to operate highly efficiently—and serve customers more effectively.

Adaptable applications platform
The modular architecture of the InstantOffice system not only integrates with your legacy systems, but also allows you to add higher levels of functionality as your business grows. You purchase only the components you need now for a customized communications system at an off-the-shelf price. Then, with this standards-based platform, you have a natural migration path to next-generation packaged and customized applications from Vertical Networks or other third-party vendors. Your InstantOffice system will continue to keep pace with communications advances with easy, affordable software upgrades and adaptations over time.

Low cost of ownership
The bottom line: The InstantOffice system reduces the cost and complexity inherent in buying, installing, and maintaining a communications infrastructure. By eliminating the need for multiple boxes from multiple vendors that were never meant to work together, this integrated solution economically unifies the management of all your voice, data, and applications services. You can also take advantage of integrated broadband services, significantly lowering monthly WAN charges. Moreover, you no longer need to have or pay for on-site technical expertise: Multiple InstantOffice systems can be managed remotely via IP.

Flexible system choices
Choose the InstantOffice system that is right for you. All models support complete voice services, LAN/WAN data networking, high-speed Internet access, IP telephony, and remote management capabilities.

InstantOffice 3000 series
  • For 5 to 72 users
  • Designed for branch offices/stores
  • Complete, low-cost solution
  • Full range of built-in features
  • Two models: InstantOffice 3000 and enhanced 3500 applications model
InstantOffice 6000 series
  • For 5 to 192 users
  • Designed for small to medium-sized business headquarters and larger offices/stores
  • Additional trunking capacity
  • Increased number of voice mail ports
  • Two models: InstantOffice 6000 and enhanced 6500 applications model
Enhanced 3500 and 6500 models feature
  • Faster processors
  • Additional memory
  • Software enhancements to support high-performance applications: InstantOffice Call Management Suite, InstantOffice Contact Center, and custom applications

Flexible phone choices
Choose the mix of IP, digital, and analog phones that is right for your business environment, with minimal restrictions. Easily add or replace phone types as your needs change.
IP phones
  • Support for remote teleworkers/agents
  • Fully integrated; standards-based
  • High Quality of Service (QoS) and reliability
  • Easy deployment and administration
Digital phones
  • Full range of phone types, from the basic 8-button business phone to the 64-button attendant display speakerphone
  • Advanced features and functionality
  • Simple configuration and operation
Analog phones
  • Business-quality models recommended by Vertical Networks and available from a variety of sources

Voice services
  • Packet- and circuit-switched PBX
  • Voice mail and voice mail networking
  • Automated attendant
  • Integrated voice-over-IP (VoIP) gateway
  • Computer-telephony (CT) applications
The InstantOffice system offers a full range of corporate-level voice services. Delivering these services on an integrated voice, data, and applications platform not only lowers capital expenditures and operating costs, but also creates new cross-functional synergy.

For example, the full-featured, integrated PBX is able to deliver all the sophisticated call handling your office requires—enhancing your callers' experience and increasing your employees' productivity. And because the PBX is packet- and circuit-switched, you can take advantage of both technologies.

The automated attendant and voice mail services provide 7x24 intelligent call and fax handling. Integrated messaging, built with full support for e-mail and WAV standards, ensures convenient access to voice messages by phone or e-mail.

The InstantOffice system also offers a low-cost, low-risk migration path from traditional telephony to IP telephony using the integrated VoIP gateway. Standards-based IP phones let you extend your InstantOffice system wherever the IP network goes, to reliably support remote teleworkers. You choose the combination of IP, digital and analog phones that's right for your business environment. The integrated VoIP gateway can also be used to carry voice traffic between offices.

The InstantOffice Call Assistant software integrates seamlessly with personal information management applications for easy "click-to-dial" and screen-pop functionality.

Data networking
  • Internet/intranet access
  • Ethernet LAN
  • WAN interfaces: T1, ISDN PRI, and analog
  • WAN protocols: frame relay, PPP
  • Multiprotocol routing
  • Security: VPN, firewall, and encryption
  • DHCP, DNS, and NAT services
The InstantOffice system offers built-in services for networking computers in your office—linking sites and securely connecting on-site and remote users to internal network resources and the Internet. Along with its robust routing capabilities, this comprehensive solution provides connectivity for all of today's standard data protocols and networking media.

The InstantOffice system gives you everything you need to build a high-performance network infrastructure. 10/100 Ethernet capabilities are available for high-performance LANs, which can be connected to other sites or the Internet via the built-in router and high-speed broadband WAN links.

The InstantOffice system supports two multiprotocol routing options. The basic routing option supports various dynamic routing choices including OSPF and RIPv2. The integrated Cisco IOS® Technologies option provides full Cisco® compatibility. End-to-end security and privacy features include an integrated firewall, router/route authentication, and data encryption. For streamlined configuration of IP-based networks, the system offers DHCP, DNS, and NAT services.

With the optional serial interface, your external router can leverage an integrated voice and data trunk, reducing network costs. You can achieve further savings by using the built-in multiplexer, VoIP gateway, and multiservice networking features that support interactive, time-sensitive applications like desktop videoconferencing.

The result: The ideal platform for deploying enhanced data communications services over broadband networks.

  • Standards-based, adaptable applications platform
  • Packaged and customized communications solutions
  • Call center, integrated messaging, security, and reporting
Whatever functionality your business needs to stay connected and competitive—customized call handling, multimedia contact center, integrated messaging, IVR, security, or reporting—the InstantOffice applications platform is fully adaptable to your needs.

Based on the Microsoft Windows NT operating system, tightly integrated InstantOffice applications leverage standard application programming interfaces—such as the Microsoft Telephony Applications Programming Interface (TAPI)—to make it easy to deploy best-of-breed applications from independent software vendors.

Now, smaller work sites can build stronger customer relationships using sophisticated communications technology. Customizable software components in the InstantOffice Call Management Suite can help you leverage enterprise-based information and route, queue, and track calls efficiently at branch offices. And the InstantOffice Contact Center by Interactive Intelligence provides a feature-rich, integrated call center solution.

In addition to InstantOffice applications and third-party offerings, applications can be tailored to your unique business processes. By certifying existing applications to run on the InstantOffice platform or by designing new solutions, our software experts can put your system on a par with those of your largest competitors.

Remote administration and multisite management
  • Multisite IP-based management
  • Remote configuration, diagnostics, software upgrades, and fault monitoring
  • Scheduling of networkwide management and upgrade functions
  • Consolidated reporting of networkwide data
Designed from the ground up for remote configuration, diagnostics, and fault monitoring, any InstantOffice system on your network can be managed from a standard Web browser. Extensive Web-based trouble-shooting tools enable fast diagnosis of any problem from any location. And system specialists off-site can perform remote software upgrades. Together, these features reduce downtime and on-site visits, leverage the skills of your centralized technical experts, and lower your cost of ownership.

Customizable management levels allow you to further reduce costs by assigning simple tasks—routine moves, adds, and changes—to office personnel. By minimizing the technical expertise needed to operate and maintain a communications infrastructure, InstantOffice remote administration features maximize your office resources.

Optional InstantOffice MultiSite Manager software offers centralized management of all your InstantOffice systems and associated applications networkwide. A Microsoft Windows-based central control application provides a single, integrated GUI for services that can control tens, hundreds, or thousands of InstantOffice systems. An intelligent agent resides on each system and acts as the virtual system administrator. The software can schedule single events or batch processes of upgrades, updates, back-ups, and reports both regionally and networkwide. Real-time views let you monitor the administration of these tasks as well as logging and tracing data; reports detail each action's status, session logs, and configuration information.

The old way:
Integrating a communications infrastructure requires piecing together as many as a dozen separate devices from different vendors—and then adding applications such as call center.

Branch offices, stores, and small to medium-sized businesses don't have the financial or technical resources to buy, integrate, and maintain this complex range of components and applications.

The new way:
Branch offices and stores need a simpler, more cost-effective way to communicate—the InstantOffice Integrated Communications Platform.

Base system components
  • Resource switch card 3 (standard with every chassis)
    • 4 analog phone ports
    • 12 digital phone ports
    • 4 10/100 Ethernet switch ports
    • 3 analog trunk ports (including 2 power failure transfer ports)
    • 2 PCI telephony mezzanine card (PTMC) expansion slots
    • Internal 56-Kbps modem
    • Independent fault monitor subsystem
  • CD-ROM drive
Optional expansion interfaces
  • Resource switch card 3 expansion board*
    • 8 analog phone ports
    • 12 digital phone ports
    • 8 10/100 Ethernet switch ports
    • 11 analog trunk ports
  • Analog and digital station cards
  • Analog trunk modules (loop, ground, or DID)
  • 10/100Base-T Ethernet hub card
  • 1600-Router card with Cisco IOS Technologies
  • T1/PRI trunk modules (also available with drop-and-insert serial interface)
  • DSP resource PTMCs (VoIP, fax, TAPI/WAV)
3000 Series 6000 Series
Height 8.065 in (21.97 cm) 23.125 in (58.74 cm)
Width 17.6 in (44.7 cm) 17.5 in (44.45 cm)
Depth 17 in (43.18 cm) 18 in (45.72 cm)
Weight 46 lbs (20.9 kg) 98 lbs (45 kg)
Power Requirements    
  100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 6.0A 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 12.0A Redundant power
Mounting Options    
  Rack, table/standalone, wall Rack, table/standalone
Interface Capacity    
System Card Maximum of 1 system card*:
Resource switch (max 1)
Maximum of 1 system card*:
Resource switch (max 1)
Voice Cards Maximum of 2 voice cards:
Analog station (max 2)
Digital station (max 2)
Maximum of 7 voice cards:
Analog station (max 7)
Digital station (max 7)
Data Cards Maximum of 2 data cards†:
10/100 (max 2)
1600-Router (max 1)
Maximum of 3 data cards:
10/100 (max 3)
1600-Router (max 1)
WAN Modules Maximum of 2 WAN modules:
Analog trunk (max 2)
1-port T1 trunk w/serial (max 2)
2-port T1/PRI trunk (max 1)††
Maximum of 5 WAN modules:
Analog trunk (max 3)
1-port T1 trunk w/serial (max 4)
2-port T1/PRI trunk (max 2)††

* Resource switch card 3 expansion board combines with the resource switch card 3 to form the RS3A, a doublewide card that uses two slots.
† Maximum of one data card if RS3A is installed.
†† Total number of T1 ports may not exceed two for the 3000 series and four for the 6000 series.

3000 3500 6000 6500
Processor Celeron 433 MHz Celeron 733 MHz Pentium III 750 MHz Pentium III 750 MHz
Memory 128 MB DRAM 384 MB DRAM 256 MB DRAM 512 MB DRAM
Hard Drives 40 GB; dual
RAID-1 optional
40 GB; dual
RAID-1 optional
40 GB; dual
RAID-1 standard
40 GB; dual
RAID-1 standard


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