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IP Telephony

  • Practical migration path to IP telephony
  • Standards-based, protocol-independent platform
  • Business-class IP telephones
  • Integrated remote management
The InstantOffice™ IP telephony solution offers enterprises reliable, high-quality packet- and circuit-switched communications. Without abandoning the PSTN, businesses can give remote workers voice connectivity with standards-based IP phones, or use IP trunking to establish cost-saving virtual tie lines between offices. In addition, the InstantOffice system offers an integrated management interface for traditional voice, IP voice, and other voice/data applications and services.

Flexible, practical deployments
As part of Vertical Networks' open IP approach, businesses can choose the mix of IP, digital, and analog phones that is right for them.

Using standards-based IP phones that interoperate with the InstantOffice system, businesses can further extend the rich features, functionality, and applications of the InstantOffice system to remote teleworkers and deliver high-quality voice connectivity that is independent of location. Using an IP connection, remote agents can now be part of the corporate call center regardless of their location. And all calls destined to an employee's extension can be seamlessly routed to the remote location of that employee.

The InstantOffice system supports multiple voice-over-IP (VoIP) signaling protocols and multiple codecs for flexible deployments of IP telephony. Interoffice communications can also be improved through a single, integrated dialing plan, regardless of telephone type or location (for example, five-digit dialing to any office).

Seamless integration between IP telephony and the PSTN
Comprehensive call detail records yield one report that covers all PSTN and IP telephony activity, including Quality of Service (QoS) details. For greater reliability, simultaneous interfaces to both packet- and circuit-switched networks allow voice traffic to be routed over alternative networks if there is a failure to connect over the primary route.

This unified voice and data infrastructure enables cost-effective connectivity, new business-enhancing applications, and integrated remote management. The InstantOffice Remote Management System allows network managers to tune IP capabilities to their exact needs. In addition, they can employ robust, Web-based diagnostic tools for real-time system monitoring and troubleshooting.

Lower operational costs, increased efficiency
With the InstantOffice solution, businesses can introduce VoIP as quickly—or as slowly—as their needs dictate and yet realize immediate benefits. By consolidating the network into one infrastructure, administrators can streamline management resources, thus reducing costs. And all employees—in home, satellite, branch, or corporate offices—can leverage IP-based voice applications and services for greater efficiency.

InstantOffice IP Telephony Specifications

IP telephony resources
  • Up to 104 VoIP channels supported over all InstantOffice WAN and LAN network interfaces
  • Codec support: G.711 (64 Kbps), G.729AB (8 Kbps); user-configurable codec prioritization
  • Configurable voice time per packet
  • Configurable jitter buffer: 20-500 ms; dynamic adjustment option
  • Echo cancellation: Configurable up to 16 ms; ITU G.165 and G.168 compliant
  • Voice activity detection, silence suppression
  • Adaptive comfort noise-generation and noise-level matching
  • Packet-loss correction
  • Out-of-band DTMF digit transfer
  • Input-level gain and output-level attenuation control
IP trunks
  • Trunk protocols: H.323 v1/v2, Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP)
  • Full integration with the InstantOffice dialing plan: trunk groups, call routing, automatic route selection, uniform dialing plan, tandem switching, direct trunk group access
  • Flexible call-by-call trunk selection
  • Automatic call routing over IP trunks without special access codes
  • Automatic rollover to alternate trunks if primary IP trunks are not available
  • Support for external H.323 gatekeepers
  • Support for external MGCP media gateway controller
IP telephones
  • Station Protocol: Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP)
  • Full integration with the InstantOffice user configuration: assignment to user, button configuration, phone templates
  • Automatic phone firmware upgrades and configuration updates
  • Simple registration feature that eases IP phone deployments
  • Support for Polycom SoundPoint IP 500 phone
QoS support
  • Bandwidth management to ensure call quality
  • Diff-serv and IP precedence (IP TOS octet) packet marking
  • Packet prioritization, Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ), and Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED)
  • Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP)
  • Header compression and packet fragmentation techniques to allow toll-quality voice connections over low-bandwidth connections
Configuration and management
  • Per-endpoint configuration settings
  • DSP resource allocation
  • Integration with call detail records, including QoS information
  • IP telephony SNMP MIB
  • Call statistics/event logs
Real-time diagnostics
  • Transmit/receive packet/byte counts
  • Jitter and latency statistics
  • Lost-packet counts: total, fraction
  • Real-time data analysis and diagnosis of problems displayed


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